SAG-AFTRA Eligible

Height: 5'7"

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Voice: Mezzo-Soprano


ONCE UPON A ZOOM | Amira | Arts on the Horizon

dir. Temídayo Amay & Anderson Wells

DRUMMING WITH DISHES | Child | Arts on the Horizon | Tour Remount 2020

dir. Matt Bassett

OFF THE PAGE WORKSHOP | Child | Arts on the Horizon 

dir. Ryan Sellers

PUNCHING PEOPLE YOU NEVER MET| Wizard & Various | Longacre Lea

dir. Solomon HaileSelassie

RICHARD II | Various | Longacre Lea | The Watchlist Festival

dir. Kathleen Akerley

Special Skills

Music Viola - 13 yrs, Acoustic Guitar - 7 yrs, Bass Guitar - 4 yrs

Dance Hip-Hop – 10 yrs, Modern – 5 yrs, Contemporary – 4 yrs, Jazz – 3 yrs, Basic Ballet, Int. Tap 

Language Spanish, Yoruba (Conversational), and American Sign Language (Int.) 

Tech & Assorted Scenic Artist, Charge Artist, House Manager (3 yrs.), Former VP of Alpha Psi Omega, Experience Working with Children, Teaching Artist, Puppetry, Finger Snapping, Mime, African Storyteller, Devised Theatre, Valid US Passport, Dual Citizenship

Andrew Schneider & Co.’s AFTER| HYPERCUT Cast | UMD Visiting Artist Series

dir. Alicia Ohs & Peter Mustante

UNDER(WORLD)| Death Soul (Mover) | TBD Immersive

dir. Strother Gaines, chor. LaMae Caparas

SELF PORTRAIT WITH DIRTY HAIR | B | Keegan Theatre: WomXn On Fire Festival

dir. Manna-Symone Middlebrooks

AFRICAN ROOTS/LATINO SOUL | Lead | Smithsonian's Discovery Theater 

dir. Roberta Gasbarre

FORUM THEATRE WORKSHOP | Deviser/Performer | JMU Studio Theatre

dir. Julian Boal

REVOLT. SHE SAID. REVOLT AGAIN. | Lead | Stratford Players

dir. Katherine Ciszek

IT'S ALL COMING BACK | Deviser/Performer | JMU Studio Theatre


BURDEN | Ensemble/Musician (Viola Composition) | JMU Studio Theatre​

dir. Sierra Carlson

Training & Workshops

Scene Study: Ben Lambert, JP Scheidler, Julio Agustin, Kate Arecchi, Robert Bowen Smith, Dennis Beck 

Voice: Julio Agustin, Kate Arecchi

Heightened Language: Kathleen Akerley

Physical Theater and Movement: Synetic Theater Company, Arts on the Horizon, Federica Cellini, Robert Bowen Smith

African Storytelling: Besi Brillian Muhonja 

Theatre of the Oppressed: Julian Boal, Kelly Howe

Theatre for Young Audiences: Company Member of Smithsonian's Associates' Discovery Theater's Creative Tools For Teaching Team

Dance Masterclasses

Christopher K. Morgan, Jim Cooney, Felipe Galganni, Cynthia Thompson, Suzanne Miller-Corso, Ryan Corriston, Stefan Sittig, Derek Brown, Step Afrika!


dir. Rebecca Klein


Once Upon a Zoom | Arts on the Horizon | 2020

Lead Actress (Amira)

Doors of Impression | Longacre Lea | 2019

Lead Actress (D)

Dancing Girls | dir. Nthanze Kariuki | 2019

Lead Actress (Omoyola)

Modern America | Semi-wrong Productions | 2019

Lead Actress (Karen)

Pungo - A Witch's Tale | Eagle Films | 2019

Supporting Actress (Cathy)

Really Love | Marinella Hume Casting | 2018

Featured Background (Waitress)

Waltz to Cha-Cha's | Semi-wrong Productions | 2019

Lead Actress (Argento)

Wonder Woman 1984 | Marinella Hume Casting | 2018

Featured Passerby/Mall Shopper


International Spy Museum | Gallagher & Associates | 2020


Leidos | Jason Mullis | 2019

Lead (Employee)

Destination DC Winter Campaign | Three Seas Inc. | 2019

Lead (Millennial)

VA Lottery | Mad Box Made | 2019


2U, Inc. | Pat Moran Casting | 2019

Supporting (Graduate Student)

DGC International | Trivision | 2019

Lead (Employee)

Inova Healthcare Fundraising | Mark Hoffman | 2019

Lead (Labor Patient)

Assessment Day Video | JMU Center for Assessment Research Studies | 2017

Lead Actress


Nationals Commercial | Carbone Entertainment | 2019

Supporting (Stadium Fan)

ID's True Conviction | Cat Demaree Casting | 2019

Lead (Tyshika) Season 2 Episode 2

House of Cards | Marinella Hume Casting | 2018

Audience Member, Season 6 Episode 7

The Handmaid's Tale | Carlyn Davis Casting | 2019

Handmaid, Season 3 Episode 6

The Walking Dead: The World Beyond | Kendall Cooper Casting | 2020

Student, Season 1 Episode 1

Billions | Grant Wilfley Casting | 2020

Featured Law Student, Season 5 Episode 4

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